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Award-winning, experienced artists help to guide
your celebration to its fullest potential

About Us


What we do:  Live Music + DJ All-in-One Service


SLP’s professionals comprise a completely unique brand of wedding and private event performers. Each of us comes from a deep background in live music performance, songwriting, and success in the music industry. We are professional performing singer/songwriters who have taken our skills into the wedding, private event, and corporate arenas. We deliver nonstop, highest-quality entertainment, and provide live acoustic music for any portion of your wedding or event – ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner, or dancing – then seamlessly transition to DJ and emcee the rest of the evening when the party heats up.


We believe in the power of live music and performance to help bring out the beauty and meaning of your celebration, and add that personal and memorable touch. Then, our DJ skills will make every guest at your party want to dance the night away. We work with you to pick music that you and your guests will love, appreciate, and remember.


To find out about your performer/DJ, click these links for samples and playlists:












                                                                    Michael Tiernan               


A bit about our DJ and MC Philosophy


Hallmarks of SLP's DJ style:  


Let the music do the talking. We believe music is powerful enough in itself to really help shape the atmosphere without us being on the microphone all the time. Of course, we use the microphone to M.C. the event and guide people’s attention to where it needs to be at the moment, but we don’t overdo it, crack unnecessary jokes or try to insert our own ego/personality uncomfortably on your event.  Each crowd is different, and we relate to each one accordingly.


Connect with all age groups in the crowd. When we’re the DJs at weddings, we really try to connect with all age groups, which usually translates to making the older people happy first. Get grandma and grandpa out there shakin’ it up to some music they and many of the guests connect with, rather than risk alienating them right off the bat with stuff that’s too edgy or thumpy. But still – it’s always totally up to you! We’ve seen granny and grandpa groovin’ to Li’l Wayne several times, rather than Sinatra. Of course, the choices depend on the crowd. If you want us to go straight into a more modern, high-energy dance set, game on! No problem! At most weddings, we mix together modern and classic right off the bat, and later as the evening progresses, we move toward the more thumpy or club music feel, if that’s what you want. Each wedding is different!  For some weddings, we never get out of the 80s! What do you and your crowd want to hear?


Music lists: Hold the cheese (unless you want it!). There are several lists of dance music on our website to help jog your memory of what is out there. We seldom actually play much of the music on those lists because, well, a lot of it is cheesy! For dancing, as a general rule we tend to shy away from music selections that are usually considered as “cheesy” (so no Macarena, YMCA, Electric Slide) unless you directly request them, because, hey, sometimes cheesy is super fun! The lists help direct our conversation about what you definitely do and do not want. We have a huge library containing the current dance music, back through the decades. If, by chance, we don’t have a special requested song by you or one of your guests in real-time on the dance floor, chances are we can download it right on the spot and get it into the mix. We’ve done this at a moment’s notice.


• “How many songs do I need to get to you?!?!”

Whichever musical direction we decide to take the dance party, we want you to know we are really good at reading crowds and keeping the dance floor packed. You don’t need to feel responsible for picking all or even most the music. We make it easy; we grab some guidelines from you – at minimum 10 must-plays, and at maximum – well, however many your brainstorms conjure up, and we’ll fit them in. Take an evening with your fiancé and go through your iPod or CDs, go down memory lane, and choose some fun stuff!


When the music gods speak to you, take note! If you’re at work and you hear a song on the Internet station you’re listening to and think, “Whoa, I have to walk down the aisle to this song!” or “I totally remember this song from my college days – we gotta rock out to this one!” write it down and email it to us! We’ll keep a running list in your file.



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