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Custom Songwriting Service

You've come all this way - you met, you dated, you went through ups and downs, you've lived your unique story - you decided to take the plunge and marry your soulmate - you've planned, you've dreamed, and now your wedding day is here.  You've thought about the songs that tell your story, which songs you relate to the most, and which ones to use at your wedding, especially for your key moments - your walk down the aisle, your first dance.  Out of the sea of songs that have been written and sung, some famous, some obscure, wouldn't it be incredible to have a song that told YOUR story? Imagine a song written just for you two, and recorded for you to have and cherish the rest of your lives…


​Introducing Lasting Notes, a custom songwriting service by Still Listening Production’s Michael Tiernan and Tolan Shaw.  Both accomplished and award-winning songwriters, Tiernan and Shaw seek to create a totally unique experience for couples who are looking for something special for their wedding day and for years to come.

How It Works

First, we will get to know your story. We will send a questionnaire that asks you to revisit the special moments, memories, and highlights from your relationship. We will inquire about your music tastes and preferences. Our songwriters will then meet with you face to face or online (depending on your location) where we'll just chat about your love story.  Then the creative process begins: we write a song that artfully conveys certain key moments, stories, and sentiments from your relationship. Before recording the song, we'll send you the lyrics and a rough recording for your approval. Once approved, we will professionally record the song (see samples in audio player below) in our studios.


Two production options will be offered (see chart below)- a simple package with beautiful acoustic guitar and vocals, or a full package complete with drums, bass, and other elements (depending on the song). The song will be delivered to the couple digitally and physically (if desired), for use at any point during their wedding day, and to keep forever. The song can also be performed live by the musician at their wedding/event for an extra fee.  You can also opt to deliver the song via CD or thumb drive to your guests as a party favor. 


Lasting Notes is that special twist to a wedding that will make your day unique and wholly personal. And there is nothing that brings you back to a moment in time like a song. Picture yourself on your 10 year anniversary, playing YOUR song and looking at wedding photos, remembering the best day of your life…

Pricing / Options

Lasting Notes Full Productions Sample - "Pictionary in the Sand"
00:00 / 00:00

Option #1 - "On the Radio"  Full Production Package - starting at $5000

Includes:  - Acoustic guitar arrangement wtih Vocals, percussion/drums, bass, and optional female vocal for duet.

Option #2 - "Simple & Beautiful"  Acoustic Package - starting at $3000

Includes:  - Acoustic guitar arrangement with Vocals

Lasting Notes Acoustic Sample - Pictionary in the Sand
00:00 / 00:00

Extras: Live performance of your song at your wedding.  Prices vary depending on location.

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