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The Perfect Wedding


The best music for the best day of your life. SLP offers you an all-in-one solution to seamlessly transition from live music to DJ services, with perfect-for-the-moment skilled artistry for the live portion, and a natural and personal MC style that will keep the focus on you and the meaning, beauty, and purpose of your day. One talented performer-MC-DJ takes you through the whole celebration!

Ceremony music

You've picked the perfect location, you're about to meet the love of your life at the altar ... now imagine your favorite and most meaningful songs, translated to acoustic bliss and played live while you and your bridal party are walking down the aisle. What's your style? Instrumental? Country? An acoustic take on a modern pop song slowed down to a majestic entrance pace? Vintage? Classic Rock? Motown? Whatever it is, we'll make it personal and memorable.  

Cocktail hour

Hanging with your friends as your family tells stories ... your favorite tunes being played live while your guests mingle and enjoy the perfect atmosphere. Your crowd will love our takes on selections throughout the eras. Hear Mraz next to Marley, Sinatra next to Petty, Jack Johnson next to James Taylor – the possibilities are endless!

Classy MC-ing that doesn't get in the way

With just the right amount of time on the mic, we draw your guests' attention where it needs to be, without being overbearing on the microphone. There's nothing worse than an MC interrupting the flow of your evening with inappropriate comments, or just plain bad humor. Count on us for class mixed with fun and celebration, and we'll hold "the cheese."

Put the guitar away, let the DJ play!

The mood has been set with the perfect mix of acoustic music, ramping up to this moment – now it's time to rock the dance floor! Our knowledge of a wide range of music and our skill in how to read the crowd, along with our preparation with you, getting to know you and your crowd's tastes, will keep the dance floor SLAMMIN' all night long!

A live serenade first dance

Many of our clients ask us to play their first dance live – and what an honor it is!! So personal, so special. Be creative here:  is it a slowed down version of "I Would Walk 500 Miles"? A John Legend ballad? An old Etta James song? Put your personal touch on your most touching moment, and relax into the dance with your soulmate as your guests are drawn into the beauty of the moment.

Acoustic guitar and vocals, and there's more

Did you dream of hearing a string trio during your ceremony? Or a jazz group for your cocktail hour? Imagine some live saxophone played over the DJ set? We can handle that too!  Guitar and vocals aren't the limit of what we do. Let us know what you had in mind, and we'll put together the perfect custom package.

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