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We pride ourselves on making your event completely unique and personal, and we develop your playlist based on our ongoing planning process with you.  We're always happy to learn new songs if we don't already know them. And for DJ sets, we're wide open there!  We have it all, and can go anywhere you'd like to go.  


For Weddings:

Music is an integral part of creating the atmosphere, vibe, and energy of your wedding.  Think of it like a soundtrack to your own movie.  That said, we believe music should be the least stressful aspect of your wedding planning.  Yep, this is the FUN part!  Your choices can be as unique as you like – use the music to express your own personalities as individuals, and as a couple. Also consider that when your guests are having fun, you are having fun as well, even if their musical tastes differ from yours. With that in mind, think of the age groups that will be present and how musical choices will connect with them as well.  Of course, music is completely up to you and your tastes – you determine what you want and don’t want.  Our planning process will be an ongoing conversation and dialogue that will zero in on what you definitely want and don’t want played.


Click HERE to view some lists to help jog your musical memory of what's out there for dancing, and help in picking specific songs for the evening.


Wedding Planning Guide

Click HERE to download 



Live Acoustic Selections Playlists


Michael Tiernan  - Download Michael's Acoustic Wedding Suggestion Songlist 

Collin Elliot  - Download Playlist

Lee Coulter - Download Playlist

Jonny Tarr  - Download Playlist








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